New Student Orientation/Back to School Fair

July 25, 2018

The New Student Orientation on Thursday, August 23rd is for ALL 7th grade students and any 8th grade students who are NEW to Liberty. The orientation is for students only and runs from 9:00-11:00am.  Upon arrival at Liberty, students will report to the cafeteria to receive their schedules and then will follow an abbreviated schedule to meet all of their teachers.  Transportation for the orientation will be as follows:

Transportation for the Orientation will be provided by FCPS school buses.

Pick up locations and times are listed below:

   Bull Run Elementary at: 8:15                                             

   Centre Ridge Elementary at: 8:15 

   Centreville Elementary at: 8:10                              

   Colin Powell Elementary at: 8:15 

   Union Mill Elementary at: 8:20 

Students will leave Liberty Middle School at 11:00 AM and be returned to the locations listed above by approximately 11:15-11:30 AM. 

All returning students come back to school later in the day with parents for our Back to School Fair.  Eighth grade students will be able to pick up their schedules during the fair.