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Please refer to your student's schedule in ParentVUE to access a list of your student's teachers for the 21-22 school year.  Teacher videos are organized by last name, A to Z.  Contact information for all Liberty teachers can be accessed by clicking on the Staff Directory button at the bottom of this page.

Portrait of a Graduate


Special Education

Ahn, Judy

Ajmani, Reshma

Babbit, Stanley

Beardsley, Marie

Beddow, Chuck

Bell, Kelly

Brown, Montell

Brown, Liz

Calvente, Jinghuei

Case, Bryan

Cox, Eugene

Chong, Namju

DeGroff, Jenn

Ebert, Karin

Franke, Jen

Gilbert, Chris

Goitia, Alison

Grumbach, James

Hart, Kelly

Hayward, Betsy

Heilemann, Ellen

Hoyler, Susan

Ibrahim, Janet

Kamiyama, Michelle

Kim, Jinnie

Kownacki, John

Krupp, Emily

LaBrie, Joe

Lederman, Sylvia

English 8 and Literacy 8

Lesson, Ashleigh

Lunsford, Andrew

Martin, Pamela

Mason, Susan

McNeely, Rob

Merante, Matt


Mossey, Amanda

Murray, Erin

Nagyne, Eva

Nichas, Louis

Nichas, Oliva

Orr, Pamela

Packard, Francesca

English 8

Peterson, Frani

Poole, Ruth

Powell, Hilary

Powers, Janet

Price, Becky

Health and PE 8

Rocchi, Dominic

Health and PE 7

Queirolo, Morrise

Roark, Lucas

Sloan, Kevin

Smart, Varrie

Soules, Janet

Sterling, Leslie

Suraci, Taren

Tarlton, Larry

Thayer, Gayle

Tischler, Kimberly

Tripp, Victoria

Troshynski, Angelica

Van Vlack, Kyle

Verhagen, Gary

White, Julie

Yeany, Kristina

Liberty Staff Directory