Library Procedures

General Info


  • 7:00 am to 2:30 pm Monday – Friday
  • On late bus days, we are open A Block (2:25 – 3:25) on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday when there is no other activity scheduled in the library.


  • Checkout is for 3 weeks at a time and can be renewed if there are no holds on the item.
  • Students may check out as many books as they feel they can reasonably keep track of during a 3 week period. If students have an overdue or lost book they may still checkout one book at a time until there account is cleared.

Overdue books:

  • There is a 10 cent per school day fine on all overdue books. If students can’t find their book, they must come into the library to notify us. We can mark the book lost which will stop the fines to give the student time to find the book. Overdue notices are given to the students’ English teacher approximately every three weeks. In order to save paper, the teacher is given a list of what each student owes. Most teachers have the students write this down in their planner.
  • An email goes out at the end of every quarter to parents or guardians, alerting them if their student has an obligation to the library. The obligation could be an overdue book or a fine that hasn’t been paid.

Lost Books:

  • Students need to make a diligent effort to find their lost book. Many times it was left in a classroom or a desk. We’d much rather have the book back then the fee for the book. Sometimes we’ll let the 7th graders look for the book over the summer and pay the fee at the beginning of the year. 8th grader will need to have their account clear by the last day of school.

Returning books:

  • Books may be returned at any time between 7:00 am and 2:30 pm. If the library is closed for testing, we have a book bin that is placed outside the door.


  • Students may put a hold on a book that is currently checked out. If the student’s account is clear of fines or lost books, we will check the book out to the student when it is available and give it to the student’s English teacher.